Aggregate without the Aggravation.

Gravel Shooters is one of the region’s largest providers of economical aggregate materials for commercial construction projects. Having introduced the first aggregate conveyor trucks to Arizona in 1997, we’ve become experts in utilizing technology and operational efficiencies to manage time, labor and resources more effectively. This save our customers time and money.

With our specialized hydraulic conveyor vehicles, Gravel Shooters can place 120 tons of aggregate with pinpoint accuracy from a distance of up to 100 feet in a matter of minutes. Our experience and streamlined operations ensures that materials are delivered precisely when and where they’re needed for every project. No hold ups. No headaches.

  • Landfills
  • Gravel access roads
  • Foundations
  • Conduit backfill
  • Pipe shading/bedding
  • Under slab granular
  • Foundations
  • Stucco sand
  • Garage fill
  • Driveways

With renowned attention to detail, we go above and beyond to ensure even the smallest detail is not overlooked. Our field teams are all professionally trained, experienced and OSHA certified to ensure the highest levels of safety, performance and customer service are maintained on every. And our management team is simply the best in the business. Gravel Shooters has built its reputation on delivering efficiency, economy and accountability to our customers.

Gravel Shooters offers a huge selection of landscaping products to choose from—natural materials in all shapes, sizes and colors. We source local mines from around the region to find the best materials available at the best possible price for our customers. Whether it’s sand, pea gravel, ABC or specialty materials, Gravel Shooters has everything you need.

The advantages are clear. To request a free estimate for your next project, contact us at (480) 570-7500 or